digitization, tailored to Private Equity

Private Equity 2.0

There were 3X fewer IPO’s in 2017 as there were in 1999. Less IPO’s means longer lockups for Private Equity funds, which ultimately means less liquidity for Limited Partners. Most Fund Managers are having more difficulty raising their current fund compared to their previous one, and one of the main reasons for this is their hightended illiquidity.

On top of that, the trade settlement process for secondary transactions is manual and highly cumbersome; taking over 3 months to complete. Despite these inefficiencies, Secondaries are still highly lucrative and growing exponentially, (44% in 2017).

Why Digitize An Investment Fund?

Powered by Distributed Ledger Technology, Digitization is process of converting the way the ownership of a LP interest is represented from a paper-based agreement, to a legally-binding and self-enforceable Digital Security. Digital Securities are asset-based, and are also tradable in a direct and self-settling manner.


Raise more capital by increasing liquidity for your investors.


Access a new pool of accredited investors by lowering your minimum ticket and increasing liquidity.

Automated Compliance

All global and federal regulations are programmed within the Digital Security. Automatically preventing non-compliant actions from taking place, during the entire lifecycle of the fund.

Operational Efficiency

Automate your subscription and fund administration processes, and painlessly onboard up to 99 accredited investors, without the burdens of an IPO

Long-Term View

Avoid the pressures of exiting your investments prematurely and maximize the potential of your potential exits.

Data Management

Compile and report data to clients, regulators and financial intermediaries in a digital and secure way. Highly decreasing potential for human error.

The Rivver Platform

Rivver is an end-to-end issuance and asset management platform, tailored to the needs of Private Equity funds. We help Fund Managers issue Digital Securities in a compliant way and provide them a with a suite of solutions to better manage their fund administration processes.

Compliant Digital Issuance

Onboarding, Smart Contract development, KYC, AML and Accreditation Verification, and all regulatory requirements.

Smart Fund Administration

Subscriptions, LP management, capital calls, distributions, redemptions and regulatory reporting; all in one place.

Secondary Market Transactions

Real-time trade settlement, powered by our Smart Escrow technology.

The Rivver Difference

Rivver is built for Private Equity. We ensure to bring digitization while also maintaining the industry standards found in Private Equity today.


Rivver is built on Hyperledger Fabric. A Permissioned DLT developed by IBM and Linux and already trusted by major banks worldwide. Using its Private Channels, all positions are kept in complete confidentiality.

Fund Administration

Rivver combines issuance with a comprehensive back-office platform, to ensure that fund managers achieve scale.


Rivver ensures to implement the industry standards found in Private Equity today, such as: GP approval before secondary transactions, holding periods and strictly use Fiat currencies.