digitization, tailored to Private Equity

Private Equity’s First DLT-powered Fund Admin

As venture-backed companies are now staying private for historically long amounts of time, fund managers are becoming forced to extend their lifecycles, and ultimately increase illiquidity for their LPs. This increase in illiquidity has led many smaller fund sponsors, such as family offices and High Net Worth Individuals, to decrease their allocations in PE funds. Thus limiting most fund managers to fundraising from major institutional investors and causing fierce competition.

Digitization of LP Interests

Powered by Distributed Ledger Technology, Digitization (or tokenization) is the process of converting the way ownership and limitations are represented in a Security, from a paper-based agreement to a set of functions immutably programmed on a Distributed Ledger or Smart Contacts. Digital Securities are asset-based, comply with existing regulations and are tradable in a direct and self-settling manner.

Why Digitize LP Interests?


Digitized LP interests are settled in a direct and automated way on the secondary market; thus eliminating the need for a Transfer Agent, highly reducing legal fees and increasing liquidity for LPs.

Automated Compliance

As Securities are made digital, Rivver is able to program its limitations within the asset. Thus ensuring compliance throughout the fund’s entire lifecycle, in an automated way.


Using its turnkey platform, Rivver automates subscription and fund administration processes; allowing fund managers to painlessly and compliantly onboard hundreds of LPs, without the burden of an IPO.

Longer Life Cycles

As Digitized LP Interests are transferable in frictionless way on the secondary market, fund managers can afford to set longer life cycles and maximize the potential of their potential exits.

The Rivver Platform

Rivver is an end-to-end fund administration and issuance platform; tailored to Private Equity funds and powered by Hyperledger.

Digitization of LP Interests

Rivver digitizes LP interests in investment funds, by programming their ownership and relevant regulatory restrictions into Smart Contracts.

Smart Subscription Platform

Turnkey platform streamlining the subscription process, including: KYC/AML and accreditation verification, document sharing, negotiation and transfer of funds.

Smart Fund Admin

Turnkey platform streamlining fund administration processes such as: investors relations, capital calls, valuation and more.

Smart Transfer Agent

Rivver replaces the traditional TA during secondary market transactions and streamlines the settlement process.

The Rivver Difference

Rivver was built with the core belief that in order for digitized funds to truly achieve scale; it requires much more than just issuance. Rivver exclusively services Private Equity and Venture funds and ensures that they can truly achieve scale, by providing them with the proper fund management tools; built for the needs of digitized fund.

Leaders to Build on Hyperledger

Rivver users can benefit from complete privacy and never have to go through the burden of creating a digital wallet

Smart Fund Administration

Combining tokenization with Fund Administration to ensure complete scale

Tailored for Private Equity

Specialized digitization, comprehensive back-office platform and GP control during secondary transactions

smart escrow
Smart Escrow Technology

First issuance platform to fully replace traditional escrows while using Fiat currencies

Why Fund Secondaries?

Despite its tremendous inefficiencies, Fund Secondaries are already highly lucrative and growing. By automating their trade settlement process, Rivver’s infrastructure is acting as the Secondaries’ Catalyst.

$61B (Grew by 60.5% last year)

$4T Potential

Proven track record for buyers

Highly discounted due to distress